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All Opinions Beginning April 16, 2005

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Date Case No. Title Description pdf Judgesort ascending
10/20/2014 14-90019 Bertran v. Wacker et al Judge Herb Ross
08/02/2013 09-00787 Michael J Cox Judge Herb Ross
04/22/2009 09-00153 Andrea Renee Boor Judge Herb Ross
08/02/2010 09-00484 Michael Cropley Lashbrook and Sandra Joy Lashbrook Judge Herb Ross
09/13/2017 15-00236 Cook Inlet Energy LLC Judge Gary Spraker
07/15/2013 13-00199 Thomas Michael Taffe and Devony Louise Lehner Judge Gary Spraker
12/06/2012 12-00501 Margaret A. Bertran Judge Gary Spraker
09/16/2014 14-90007 City and Borough of Juneau et al v. Beardsley et al Judge Gary Spraker
09/26/2017 16-00130 Aurora Gas LLC Judge Gary Spraker
05/17/2013 12-90012 Doe v. Fleetwood Judge Gary Spraker
11/20/2012 12-00620 Barbara A Williams and Bruce W Williams Judge Gary Spraker
08/04/2014 12-00621 Anne Marie Wold Judge Gary Spraker
11/16/2017 15-00236 Cook Inlet Energy LLC Judge Gary Spraker
05/16/2013 12-00612 Nathan B. Makowski Judge Gary Spraker
10/30/2012 11-00655 Keith L. Hamilton Judge Gary Spraker
10/22/2015 14-90011 United States Trustee v. Anthonys Judge Gary Spraker
03/31/2014 11-90002 Unaatuq, LLC v. Green et al Judge Gary Spraker
04/24/2013 13-00114 Denali Family Services Judge Gary Spraker
03/27/2014 12-90033 CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc. v. Sammons Judge Gary Spraker
04/23/2013 12-00692 David B. Eimers and Kelli L. Eimers Judge Gary Spraker