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All Opinions Beginning April 16, 2005

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Date Case No. Title Description pdf Judgesort descending
01/19/2012 07-00582 Colleen Cloutier Judge Herb Ross
11/04/2014 14-90016 Tangwall et al v. Wacker et al Judge Herb Ross
07/20/2009 09-90012 Browning v. Browning Judge Herb Ross
10/09/2013 12-00421 Marlow Manor Downtown, LLC Judge Herb Ross
12/19/2012 12-00486 Klukwan, Inc Judge Herb Ross
05/31/2016 15-90018 Jipping(7) v. First National Bank Alaska Judge Herb Ross
11/03/2014 14-00103 Channel Construction, Inc Judge Herb Ross
05/09/2006 05-01061 Scott Douglas Adams Judge Herb Ross
05/26/2011 09-90036 Battley v. Mortensen et al (10 ABR 146) Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/09/2009 08-00855 Susan Jan Bradshaw Judge Donald MacDonald IV
01/24/2006 05-90027 Battley v. Burton et al Judge Donald MacDonald IV
12/13/2010 10-00475 Anchorage Sportsplex, Inc. (10 ABR 1) Judge Donald MacDonald IV
11/26/2008 08-00110 Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska Judge Donald MacDonald IV
10/04/2005 03-01134 Gordon Allen McElhaney, Sr. and Jeannie Marie McElhaney Judge Donald MacDonald IV
07/03/2012 93-00889 Martech USA, Inc., a Delaware corp. and Kenneth Battley Judge Donald MacDonald IV
05/21/2010 10-00326 Laura L DesJarlais Judge Donald MacDonald IV
06/08/2007 07-00136 Jimmy A Kamph Judge Donald MacDonald IV
09/16/2008 08-90019 Berger et al v. Catholic Mutual Relief Society of America et al (9 ABR 23) Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/28/2005 04-00382 Linda S Patrick Judge Donald MacDonald IV
03/21/2012 11-90007 Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, Inc. et al v. National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corpo Judge Donald MacDonald IV