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All Opinions Beginning April 16, 2005

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Datesort ascending Case No. Title Description pdf Judge
08/10/2005 05-90013 Compton(7) et al v. Olsen et al Judge Herb Ross
08/10/2005 04-01454 John Anthony Comoza and Michele Marie Comoza Judge Herb Ross
07/18/2005 05-90013 Compton(7) v. Olsen et al Judge Herb Ross
06/28/2005 02-01221 Tony B. Davis Judge Donald MacDonald IV
06/15/2005 04-90044 Wasser & Winters Company v. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, (America), Inc. Judge Donald MacDonald IV
06/14/2005 04-00716 Ben A. Thomas, Inc. Judge Donald MacDonald IV
06/13/2005 05-90003 Chase Manhattan Bank USA, NA v. Adee et al (8 ABR 107) Judge Herb Ross
05/16/2005 04-01026 Gary George Engman Judge Donald MacDonald IV
05/06/2005 04-90040 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, (America), Inc. et al v. Wasser & Winters Company et al (8 ABR 133) Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/29/2005 04-01324 Michael A. Vasquez Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/28/2005 04-00382 Linda S Patrick Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/25/2005 89-01128 Patricia Jane Wagner Judge Herb Ross