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Filing Exhibits For Evidentiary Hearings

Exhibits to be presented for admission during evidentiary hearings must now be filed on the case docket in advance of the hearings.  Those copies of the exhibits must be attached to the final exhibit list when filed on the docket.  The parties shall further file the exhibits so that each exhibit can be opened individually from the exhibit list, as follows:
Part Description  
1 Main Document 1 Page
2 Exhibit A-Debtor's Projected Profit & Loss 3-10-19 1 Page
3 Exhibit B-Debtor's Amended Profit & Loss 2-10-20 2 Pages
4 Exhibit C-Appraisal 2-16-18 1 Page
5 Exhibit D-Proof of Claim 3 1 Page
6 Exhibit E-Billing Statement 11/1/19 to 11/30/19 4 Pages

In the example above, “main document” is the final exhibit list.  Each exhibit should be designated with its appropriate letter or number on the docket, together with a brief description of the exhibit.  Parties are excused from exchanging exhibits in light of the filing of the exhibits on the docket.