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Opinions Subsequent to July 2011

Citation convention for cases numbered from and after "2017 ABR 1": A new case numbering system has been adopted so the court's decisions can be added to this website promptly. Decisions may be cited in the Bluebook format suggested for unreported cases, e.g., "In re Vetter, 2017 ABR 1, at *2 (Bankr. D. Alaska Feb. 7, 2017)."

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Keyword Date ABR Number Code Section Title Summary Judge
Cross-collateralization, Dragnet Clause, Future Advances, State Court Decisions, Summary Judgment 08/10/2011 11 ABR 1 Brayton Investment, LLC

Ch. 7. McCready owned the debtor LLC.

Judge Herb Ross
Damages, Dischargeability, Fraud, Prejudgment Interest 08/22/2011 11 ABR 17 523(a)(2)(A), 1334(b Loughlin v. Rudnick

Ch. 7. Debtor contracted with Loughlin for an extensive remodel to her home.

Judge Donald MacDonald IV
Commercial Transaction, Cross-collateralization, Dragnet Clause, Future Advances, UCC 09/28/2011 11 ABR 29 157(b)(2)(B) Alaska Fur Gallery, Inc. v. First Nat'l Bank Alaska

Ch. 11.

Judge Donald MacDonald IV
Judicial Liens - Avoidance 02/07/2017 2017 ABR 1 522(f) Nicholas Joseph Vetter

Ch. 7. Lien avoidance denied because no exemption claimed.

Judge Gary Spraker