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Cook Inlet Energy, Miller Energy Resources, and Related Bankruptcies

Friday, October 30, 2015


  Cook Inlet Energy, LLC, and ten affiliated companies including Miller Energy Resources, Inc., have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcies in this court.

    WHERE TO FIND DOCUMENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN FILED WITH THE COURT – You may access the filings in any of the cases online by using the CM/ECF tab on the first page of the court’s website. You will need a PACER account. If you do not already have one, please go to to set up an account. PACER charges $0.10 per page with a $3.00 maximum for any particular document. PACER accesses the court’s official docket.

    On October 6, 2015, the court ordered that the 11 bankruptcy filings be jointly administered as part of the Cook Inlet Energy, LLC case. Therefore, as a general rule, all filings after October 6 will be found in the Cook Inlet Energy, LLC case (Case No. 15-00236).

    Each case will, however, maintain a separate proof of claim register. Proofs of claim should be filed in the claims register of the debtor(s) to which they apply.

    As of this writing, the debtors have set up a website which provides access to all filings: Filings can be accessed there free of charge. Bear in mind that this website has no connection to the court. The court does not monitor it or check its accuracy. You cannot file any matter, including proofs of claim, on that website.

    TELEPHONIC PARTICIPATION IN HEARINGS – For these matters only, the court has established a telephonic “meet me” or “bridge” line to allow telephonic participation by parties and monitoring by anyone. The number is 888-684-8852 and the access code is 6825456. There is no charge for using this service.

    If you wish to use the telephone service:
     - call no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing time;
     - keep your phone on mute until you wish to speak;
     - if you wish to speak, first state your name and the party you represent;
     - do not put the call on hold at any time; and
     - you must use a land line.

    For those familiar with practice before this court, please note that the usual telephonic request line should not be used for these cases.