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Notice of Pending Bankruptcy Form Changes, Effective March 28, 2022, and April 1, 2022

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Scheduled Termination of CARES Act Changes to Official Forms 101, 122A-1, 122B, 122C-1 and 201, effective March 28, 2022

The CARES Act amendments will lapse on March 27, 2022, unless extended through additional legislation, and effective March 28, 2022, the forms will revert to their pre-CARES Act versions, with any non-CARES Act amendments incorporated.


Pending Form Changes Due to Revised Dollar Amounts in Official Forms 106C, 107, 122A-2, 122C-2, 201, 207, 410, Director's Forms 2000 and 2830, and certain instructions, effective April 1, 2022

Automatic adjustments will be made on April 1, 2022, to dollar amounts stated in various provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, one provision in Title 28, seven Official Bankruptcy Forms which contain adjusted dollar amounts, the Instructions for Individual and Non-Individual Debtors, two Director's Forms which include dollar amounts, and one set of instructions for a Director's Form which includes a dollar amount. The adjustments will apply to cases filed on or after April 1, 2022.


Further information and the pending form changes can be found here.