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All Opinions Beginning April 16, 2005

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Date Case No. Title Description pdf Judgesort ascending
06/05/2018 17-00065 Aqua Pesca, LLC
Ch. 7. Disbursement of liquor license sale proceeds
Judge Gary Spraker
03/29/2013 12-90008 Cantrell v. Pulis Judge Gary Spraker
07/05/2018 17-00411 Leo Blas
Denial of pro se debtor's objection to proof of claim.
Judge Gary Spraker
03/03/2014 13-00114 Denali Family Services Judge Gary Spraker
03/13/2013 12-00620 Barbara A Williams and Bruce W Williams Judge Gary Spraker
07/19/2016 15-00245 Kenneth A. Bellows Judge Gary Spraker
02/06/2014 13-90015 Sutton et al v. Sutton et al Judge Gary Spraker
03/08/2013 12-90019 Shaubach et al v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC et al Judge Gary Spraker
12/11/2018 16-00327 Alaska Fishing Adventure LLC
Approval of trustee's motion to sell remaining assets of the estate.
Judge Gary Spraker