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All Opinions Beginning April 16, 2005

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Date Case No. Titlesort ascending Description pdf Judge
02/03/2009 08-90016 Hughes et al v. American Intercontinental University et al Judge Herb Ross
08/07/2009 09-00100 Howard D. Holland and Tammy R. Holland Judge Donald MacDonald IV
12/11/2009 08-90020 Horner v. U.S. Department of Education Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/22/2011 11-90005 Herbert v. Delay-Wilson Judge Herb Ross
06/02/2011 10-01027 Herbert Leroy Small Judge Donald MacDonald IV
03/11/2020 19-00230 Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc.
Memorandum Decision Denying Application Of Williams, LLP for Allowance Of Fees and Reimbursement of Expenses.
Judge Gary Spraker
02/29/2012 12-90004 Harthaven Pet Cremation & Burial Services, Inc v. Schmidt Judge Donald MacDonald IV
05/19/2009 08-00772 Han J Yi Judge Donald MacDonald IV
04/27/2012 12-90002 Hamlett et al v. Dieringer Judge Herb Ross
09/27/2012 11-00859 Guy Chris Mannino Judge Herb Ross
10/04/2005 03-01134 Gordon Allen McElhaney, Sr. and Jeannie Marie McElhaney Judge Donald MacDonald IV
08/14/2009 08-00213 Glacier Valley Tours, LLC Judge Donald MacDonald IV
08/04/2009 08-00213 Glacier Valley Tours, LLC Judge Donald MacDonald IV
02/06/2012 08-00480 Gina R. Taylor-Gronda Judge Herb Ross
05/16/2005 04-01026 Gary George Engman Judge Donald MacDonald IV
01/15/2014 13-00294 Gary Allen Moore and Yalonda Michelle Moore Judge Gary Spraker
11/24/2008 07-00645 Freddie Ray Okray and Georgette Joann Okray Judge Donald MacDonald IV
06/24/2015 15-00110 Eunice Washington Judge Herb Ross
11/14/2006 05-02265 Era Aviation, Inc. Judge Donald MacDonald IV
09/29/2006 05-02265 Era Aviation, Inc. Judge Donald MacDonald IV