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Attending Court Hearings

All hearings will be conducted in the Herbert A. Ross Historic Courtroom for in-person attendance, with optional remote attendance permitted, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.
ZOOM VIDEO ATTENDANCE - The Court may set some hearings as Zoom video hearings.  Hearings set as Zoom video will be held in-person with the option to attend via Zoom, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.  Only the parties to the case will be emailed the unique Zoom invite to attend via video or telephone.  Telephonic only information will also be available on the Zoom video court calendar for that day.
Check the individual court calendars here.
TELEPHONIC ATTENDANCE - Hearings that are not set for Zoom video will be conducted in-person and permit telephonic attendance, unless othwise ordered by the Court.  The telephonic access information is noted below and will be included on the calendars that allow for telephonic attendance.
IMPORTANT - When attending telephonically or via Zoom all parties are advised to connect 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time.  Please review all instructions below.
Directions to Connect to Telephonic Hearings - NEW TELEPHONIC ACCESS INFORMATION
  1. Dial (833)435-1820 (USA Toll Free) or (669)254-5252
  2. Meeting ID - 161 057 7477
  3. Participant's ID - not required (optional input if you have one, otherwise press # to continue)
  4. Passcode - 662127
  6. If you do not have a mute function, press *6 to mute and *6 to unmute.
  7. Do not put your phone on hold if it will result in music or other noise.
  8. If available set your phone to “DO NOT DISTURB” so it will not ring during the hearing.
  9. Do not use a speakerphone.
Telephonic and Zoom Hearing Requirements
  • Be on time for the designated hearing time.
  • Contact the Anchorage Clerk’s Office at (907)271-2655 option #2, if you cannot connect at your scheduled hearing time.
  • Make sure you have a good connection and are away from any background noise.
  • Do not announce your presence until the court calls your case as other hearings may be in progress.  Stay on the line, even if there is only silence until the judge starts the hearings, and then continue to listen quietly until your case is called.
  • Whenever speaking, first identify yourself.